CORPUS CHRISTI 2011 @ st charles, Uwhase, Warri, Ovwian parish





The feast we celebrate today, the Feast of Corpus Christi or the Body of Christ is the SACRIFICE, a THANKSGIVING, a SACRAMENT.


Every act of sacrifice involves the spilling of BLOOD. Hence, God the Son shed his blood on the cross in order for the blood to plead for the forgiveness of our sins. (cf. Mt. 1:21) How would we have been saved? We were created by the WORD of God. The Word of God sustains all of creation including the needs of man. The Word of God did not fail to sustain us and that is why the Blood of God has to be the sacrifice. No! Far from the truth. It is man that failed to remain true to the sustaining power of the Word of God. In today’s message of Deuteronomy, Moses affirms to the people that man cannot be sustained by the power and love for all that is earthly but by whatever comes from the mouth of the Lord. We already see this truth in the beginning of creation, God created all things by his Word, and assured man of a continual sustenance of his Word. Instead of listening to the Word of God, instead of remaining with the Word of God, man relied on his own strengths, his own capacities, his own abilities, his own limited power. When it failed, God came to rescue and remedy the situation by sending his only begotten son to offer not his Word but his Blood; he is the Word, by which everything was created out of nothing and sustains all things. He is living, the Word of God, even to shed his Blood in order to rescue and remedy what was lost and broken. Man lost the Word of God in him and his relationship with God was broken. Man lost the power in the Word of God that was able to and therefore sustain his immortality. Man was broken in voice and spirit; he could not speak freely with God and with his neighbour. He could not speak with the rest of creation that he was enabled by the power of the Word of God to name. Creation has now become an enemy of man because he himself is his own first enemy. Man was broken in spirit because he could no longer recognise the presence of the Lord or rather, having heard of his presence, man prefers to ignore it by all forms of behaviour today that pretends to lift up the spirit of man but only makes man impoverished and still in need of God and the power of his Word that can restore his spirit.



Thanksgiving involves making acts of praises, showing gratitude of an inferior to a superior not for one act of benevolence but the ability and capability to do so all the time even when it is unrequested and unmerited.  


Remembrance leads to salvation; forgetfulness brings damnation

We were made to live, not to living to eat. If we live, it’s because Christ is our food, our bread, our righteousness, our salvation, our hope, our life!

Man does not live on bread alone -on things that pass away: cloths, frineds, money, connection, houses, cars, etc.

Man lives on everything that comes from the mouth of the Lord

Previous life or present condition can become content with that you seek no more. But God says depends on God is PROVIDENCE


2nd reading: if Paul were the president of Nigeria and delivered this passage as presidential inaugural speech upon being elected president, many would sing and dance for joy that at last all of us shall share in this ‘national cake’ since ‘na we-we’!


But it’s a pointer to the suffiency of God and the insufficiency of man/our capacity alone cannot build a peaceful nation without God’s help. Remember the community help project of Babel town/village collapsed because they sought sufficient help among themselves without God it’s a pointer to the effect of the sufficiency of God’s 

Unity: progress

Oneness: same origin and end of life

Appreciation: that we all in each must use his/her talent and share his/her gift and accept others’

Diversity: we’re not afraid to be different which can too also bring out the best out in each of us.

[to be contd.]



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