do you want to be fruitful in life?

In the parable of the sower, Jesus explains to you why you are not fruitful in the Word that he sows in your heart. Why? He sows the word, now at Mass as you attend. Are you attentive at the readings and the homily? Are you following the prayers of the Eucharist, the Body and Blood of the Lord, flowing from the Word of the living God? He sows the word in your heart when you chance upon someone who is in need and you are in a position to make your own contribution. Who is your neighbour is a question who is available and needs your availability to help; could the ongoing church project, a priest in need of a car, a wife in need of your time, a husband in need of your compassion, a child in need of your time, a rising star in need of your motivation, a passerby in need of your smile, etc?
He sows the word when you attend to the reading of scriptures. Are you there for bible study in your family prayer time? Are you there for nourishment in your parish bible class? Are you there in your own quiet time of listening to the word in his presence, of the Blessed Sacrament? Please, be there and let him sow the word unto fruitfulness in your life.
But as he continues to sow, on your part be ready at all times to unplug the de-vices of your life. In the world, He says, you going to have troubles. But be brave, for I have overcome the world. your weakness might be inattention which leads to lack of understanding of the word; yours might be over-anxiety at the prospect of having gone to confession to receive the Lord’s pardon for your sins and to get rid of your vices; your own weakness might be fear of what is to come in the challenge as a faithful witness of the word. Whatever it may be, the Lord says you need to be patient with yourself. Don’t let the sun set on your anger…the devil is taking an ongoing masters degree program in all the higher institutions of the world in order to make you give you a P.H.D. Pull Him/her Down, to fall. Stand up to him with you faith in Jesus, for slow and steady wins the race of life. Be patient and gentle with your struggle to unplug those de-vices of your life so you may be fruitful. I have chosen you to go and bear fruit, fruit that endures. 30%, 60%,100%.


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