seeking God means hearing his voice

I seek God as the One, the True, the Good and the Beautiful. I equally know Him as the One, the True, the Good and the Beautiful.

Seeking God as the One, is my life of intellectual and emotional pursuit of integration?

Am I aware of internal contradictory or opposing forces which threaten to tear me apart?

Am I aware that these forces can threaten the very balance I need so I may be useful or function as a human being?

Do I see God as bringing unity into such experienced chaos in my life? That if I yield to him, this pursuit will bring me peace of God?

Seeking God as the True, do I have a passion for truth? Am I usually more calm, methodical, and curious than others? Do I love to question and delve into things, people? Do I delight in discussin my insights with others? Am I driven to finding the truth? In the event I don’t find the truth, do I become disheartened, skeptical or cynical?

Do I often turn aside and tarry on the way, getting involved in this road side or that distraction when am supposed to be focused in my search for God’s call?


About padredanivha

A Catholic priest
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