Have u ever been rejected by family or

Have u ever been rejected by family or friends because you belong to them, particularly because you’re catholic?

How did u deal with the situation?

In the 1st reading Prophet Ezekiel was rejected by an obstinate people he was sent to deliver the word of God because their sins had led them astray into captivity in Babylon.

So wheather they listened to his message or not, the command to the Prophet is to deliver the Word because it’s not only the prophet that they rejected. They have also rejected the Word of God and also rejected God who desires that they should not perish but gain salvation.

A similar experience in the Gospel shows how Jesus Christ was rejected by His own people. He couldn’t work any miracles because of their lack of faith. Yet they were astonished at wisdom and marvelled at the power of his miracles. But they wouldn’t allow these two blessings be their portion even as He is present in their midst. Jesus was forced to wonder and said that a prophet isn’t accepted except in his own country, among his own people.

Without counting on this rejection He still went ahead to cure some and went about the villages to preach the Word to them means He went to those who are of simple hearts and humble spirits. They are the ones who hears the Word of God and keep it in their hearts.

Among these villagers we find Mary the Mother of Jesus, the shepherds who received the good news of the birth of the Messiah and myself, too because I come from the village. So anytime some think he/she is abusing me by saying “bush man, village man” I claim it because it is where God will rather choose to dwell. He went about preaching in the villages roundabout.

But what about you? Are you also from the village of simple hearts and humble spirits who tremble at the Word of the Lord? Who fixes his eyes on the Lord always like servants do with their master? Our eyes are on the Lord till He shows us his mercy.

Only those who hear His Word and keep it shall experience the mighty works of God in their lives. If you believe on His Word and keep to his Word, the wisdom of God shall lead you aright in this world in all that you lay your hands in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen! If you believe in His Word and keep to His word, the power of His word shall protect and provide for your needs according to His riches in glory in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!

But why often don’t we experience the guidance of His wisdom and the power of his mighty works in our lives is the sin of pride.

We are often self-conceited. We feel we are okay! And so, like King Herod who delighted in listening to John the Baptist preach but was not ready to act accordingly by practising what he hears, we too delight oursleves in hearing the gospel but we are not willing to keep it with our hearts.

By so doing we reject the Word, we reject God and we also reject His messenger, the Man of God. I have experience and continue to handle rejection many a time, even here in this parish. Rejection of the Man of God can happen in many ways and forms, yet we think we are doing him a favor. But I will console myself and we should also handle rejection by taking to heart the words of St. Paul in today’s reading.

Paul handled his own rejection by affirming his sole trust in God which persecution, trials, or any other thing could succeed at seperating him from Christ, expecially the love for Christ. And Jesus says, if you love me you will keep my word and my Father would love you and we shall come and make our home with you.

Rev. Izebuno Daniel Ivhador


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