Dynamics of Young People in the Challenges facing Communities and Christian families


The life of a typical young person today is often marked by the need to be heard and strive to make a lasting impression that may be celebrated by parents and peers. The traditional young person is not heard but only seen unlike the contemporary young person. The latter is even now drawn from many sides that most often don’t have a common good in store for him or her. In politics, the youth is either a follower of political thuggery or its victim in the wake of violence before, during and after elections. In religion, the traditional youth seem to shed of the toga of religiosity for the sword of fundamentalism. In economy, so much is advocated for the youth: become empowered by cultivating skills that will enable gainful employment! However, the advocates of such economic empowerment programs continually withhold true economic power, the mind revolution, from the young people. The young person is a living reality of how global the world has become in technical progress but so much local in reaching out to solve the problem of lack of love in the human families.

Every Christian family is a human family, endowed with the gifts of life which comes from a creator God. This paper attempts to explicate the dynamics of the young people in the challenges facing Christian families today. What might be the response or reaction of a teenager of a divorced parents who later remarried civilly but to different partners? How would the young person regard the value and validity of the Christian marriage and family life? Given the factors associated with the notion and experience of divorce – infidelity, childlessness, domestic violence, or prostitution.

Community in the Society

In the Community exists the human person and human persons, individuals, make up the human community with different parameters or framework of interpersonal relationships. These frameworks be they cultural, political, religious, economic, digital, are all based on the inevitable fact that the human person is imbued with a dignity that is conferred upon him/her by the Creator. The dignity of the human person from the standpoint of political instruments of State must guarantee the protection of human life from any form of aggression, exploitation like prostitution. Due to the absence or inability of estate apparatus like security agents, or neighbourhood watch vigilante groups that are meant to guarantee protection of lives and properties, the Community function may be deemed to have failed in standing up to its prime duty in relation to the human person.

The family is the basic unit of Society, the community of human persons. It is within the family and from there that respect for the sacredness of life begins. Hence, the human person is taught by parents and learnt by children that it deserves respect as a value that no human but God alone can endow. It becomes an obvious moral evil if not only that this does not actively and consciously take place. It is also a moral deviation when such obligation is either avoided or totally obliterated. This creates a worse scenario that the only template available is for the encouragement of disrespect for human dignity hence, the flowering human prostitution. It is disheartening and even unthinkable to hear that parents encourage their daughters to go into prostitution. Hardships and adverse economic conditions can truly endanger a clear thinking Mind in doing the right thing but they are insufficient and indeed untenable for committing wilful denial of the dignity and respect due to their child or ward.

The proper living conditions of the human persons must be addressed. But, what, among other things, is responsible for the continuation of prostitution. To live well means to have a clean and green environment. It translates having a house over one’s head. This is one of the basic necessities of life going by Abraham Maslow’s pyramid of human needs. Once issue of housing is a problem either because the respective government is irresponsive in providing it as the right of the human person or it is totally unaffordable, then, it is inevitable to imagine the incalculable consequences of crimes as prostitution would have on the community, like the family no less on the individual. It is a dangerous picture to imagine.

The value of community is direly affected when divorce or prostitution is allowed to rear its ugly head. The value of community depends on the value placed upon human lives who live, work and share their stories, pains and gains that genuinely promote the total value of the community. However, when the value is allowed to nose-dive in deprecation, the consequences result in putting price upon human life and dignity can only be bought by the perpetrators of vice and violence.


The family is holistic when the value is primed and not priced by economic or political forces that often run after gains and profit. The effects lack of value and respect for what the family, a community of persons breeds such vice and violence such as divorce among parents and prostitution among the women and the young people, who become disoriented and bored of life. The family deserves it right of place in the heart of those who desires live by its values of respect, love, care, forgiveness, sharing to mention but a few. Also, the political and economic powers and interest groups that often chase after gains and profit to the detriment of family and youth needs must rethink such harmful policies that exclude the human person and community from a healthy living of their rights.


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