Do I believe that the Lord prepares a place for you? 

​Today’s Word and Prayers (W. A. P.) 
Do I believe that the Lord prepares a place for you? 
Friends, today is the last day during advent and Christmas eve. King David and Zachariah feature in today’s readings and for unique purposes. David is one who initially was chosen by God, not by appearance but according to the spirit of God through the prophet Samuel. Now as king and having enjoyed peace from all his war expeditions, he desires to build a temple for the Lord. But God himself will build a lasting Kingdom for David. 
Zachariah on the other hand, a priest, earlier doubted the promise of the Lord in respect of his barren wife, Elizabeth. God, however, shames his unbelief and makes him dumb until the day John the baptized was born. Only then and on that day his tongue loosened, and well enough to praise God. He was inspired by the Spirit of God to praise God who comes to fulfill his plan of salvation for his people. In both men, the Lord promised and fulfills. Do I seek God’s fulfillment of his plan for my life? 
Lord Jesus you promised to be with us till the end of time. As we prepare for your coming at Christmas, help me to believe in your plan for me and be with me till the end of 2016 and through 2017. Amen. Good morning and have a happy Christmas to you and yours.


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