Do I have true love for the mission of Jesus Christ?

Today’s Word and Prayers (W. A. P)
Do I have a true love for the mission of Jesus Christ?
Friends, John Mark had accompanied Barnabas and Saul on a relief mission to help the starving Judean Christians (Acts 12:25). Next, John Mark accompanied Barnabas and Saul on the first evangelisation mission of the Church (Acts 13:5). However, John Mark dropped out of that mission (Acts 13:13).
There’s a big difference between a relief mission and an evangelisation mission. You may have been on relief missions. You may have given your time, energy, and money to help the poor, the suffering, and the victims of tragedies. However, only a few people have gone on evangelisation missions. Relief missions are very important and often are a matter of life and death. Evangelisation missions, however, are of supreme importance and are a matter of eternal life and death. Usually, we need a much stronger love to go on an evangelisation mission than a relief mission. We will often fight a much more severe spiritual battle in an evangelisation mission than in almost any other activity. We can criticize John Mark for leaving the first Christian evangelisation mission, but many of us have never quit because we’ve never started. If we have dropped out, we ought to follow Mark’s lead, repent, and go back on mission. While some give their lives for the missions, others equally go to the missions by giving their material support (for vocations). “Once you know all these things, blest will you be if you put them into practice” (Jn 13:17).
Lord Jesus, thank you for calling me into your vineyard to work for your kingdom. Make my heart like unto yours that I may remain steadfast and focused on your evangelisation mission in this world. Amen. Good morning dear and have a luminous Thursday! Remember to pray your rosary (mysteries of light).


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